Xbox 360

Find Xbox 360 Players For Rainbow Six {0}

One of the most fun and entertaining aspects that Xbox 360 brings to you as the consumer is the fact that you can connect player to player with another person out there in the world. Find Xbox 360 players online and suddenly the game has taken a new life and a new level of entertainment.

One such game that capitalizes on this aspect of the Xbox 360 is Rainbow six. While there is a single player mode that you can really enjoy if you are into that kind of a game, once you have completed it the game has just begun. Now you can play with all of your friends online.

How to Unmute All Players on Xbox Live Makes Things Interactive {0}

One of the first things that you need to learn as an Xbox 360 user is how to unmute all players on xbox live. From time to time we always want to mute the other players on xbox live simply because of the fact that they are loud and irritating.

However, if you engage in such an action and then later find out that you are incapable of reversing the action, you have killed a major part of what makes Xbox live so entertaining. To be able to unmute all players will restore a lot of the interactive aspects of the Xbox.