Use Playlist to Present Long Video Tutorial Online{0}

What will you do if you have a long video to show on your site? Use a web player. Yes, it works. But what kind of player would you choose, a normal player to play video from the beginning to the end, or a player with playlist option to control video playback? It depends on how you would design your site. I prefer displaying several videos on a single player with playlist.

Why use playlist? Playlist works as recommendation when related video is displayed. It makes the separate videos as a unity. When playing multiple videos on a single player, it reduces the loading time of the page and prevents visitors going through pages. However, in the meantime, it may make it uneasy to check how many times the video is played. Playlist is especially good for video tutorials, as different parts could be displayed in clear sections.

There are many kinds of playlist. Some will offer thumbnail for different episodes. This kind of playlist could be vertical or horizontal. Moyea PlayerBox, as a desktop creator for web player, offers the later with text caption for each item. Some playlist could display after the video finishes playing. If you look at the videos at, you may notice the playlist when video plays to the end. Some playlist could show up throughout the entire playing, so that visitors can choose from playlist. Some may offer text with drop-down box on control bar without image. CNET uses this kind of player at If chosen, the drop-down box text playlist would display on player all the time. For image playlist, Moyea PlayerBox offers the option to automatically hide image when the mouse moves away from the playlist area. If you move the mouse to playlist area, the image will show up for selection.

Let’s see how playlist is applied. If you get a long video tutorial and want to show thumbnail of particular time point of the video as playlist, so that the player plays the video at the exact time point when visitors click on the thumbnail, you may create your own player with Adobe Flash and modify the ActionScript to seek video according to your settings. However, it you are not familiar with actionscript or Flash, or even javascript, I recommend you to cut the video into clips and use Moyea PlayerBox to connect clips and player. You may refer to the guide for the steps to split video clips and create player with ease. More tips here.