About the Best DSL Box or Modem {0}

Modems are flash-port devices that serve the purpose of permitting the easy transmission of information from one computer to another and from one individual to another. There exist many types of modems; one of them is the Digital Subscriber Modem. The sense of its being a subscriber modem, is that, for the services it can be used for, a user or a transmitter has to get listed in order to receive information and to connect with certain specific remote computers and users using it. Finding the best DSL modem is not difficult if you do your homework well. Any DSL modem classified as the best DSL modem should have the following known characteristics;


The best DSL modem should be beautiful

The best DSL modem should simply be a creative work, a tool that a service provider, an organization or an individual will not shy away from at first glance in the process of making the decision on whether or not to purchase the product!

The best DSL modem should be durable

The best DSL modem should have durability as one of its outstanding aspects. This is because when it comes to technical and technological products and services, the subject of the matter ceases from being just a purchase and out-rightly becomes an investment. This means that the best DSL modem should be a portrayal of value when it is put to the test, for example, in terms of testing the flash-ports made available and the speeds of the services it is capable of withstanding at any one instance.

Vital speed – for the best DSL modem

Speed is vital for a modem to called the best DSL modem . The best DSL modem should be a multipurpose one. They are inserted into computers for purposes of connectivity to the Internet and they can be used to manage simultaneous connections For the best DSL modem to perform all of these functions, its speed of service has to be up to par.

The best DSL modem is light in Weight

Like all other modems, the nature of a modem is that it is easily portable and usable for the storage of data for various purposes and for the transportation of the same data from one location to another without the fear of the DSL modem crashing leading to loss of data. The best DSL modem should be sufficient as far as the issue of the reliable storage and the physical transportation of data from one place to another is concerned.

A good example of DSL Modem that has these characteristics is ZyXEL VMG8924-B10A VDSL/ADSL from Ultraview.net. It is a wireless AC router.

Many technical aspects surround the average DSL modem and its functionality let alone the best DSL modem. For purposes of making the right purchase, that is, going back home with the best modem, the above aspects and many others have to be put into consideration. The best DSL modem should have fast transmission speeds, it should match its counterparts in terms of connecting directly to the Internet instead of making use of various intermediaries, it should be usable with different lines of communications as opposed to just a particular customary one and it should be durable and reliable. The best DSL modem should knock its counter modems out when it comes to a face-off on efficiency and compliance to the latest standards of information technology information transmission; it simply should be the best DSL modem !

Find Xbox 360 Players For Rainbow Six {0}

One of the most fun and entertaining aspects that Xbox 360 brings to you as the consumer is the fact that you can connect player to player with another person out there in the world. Find Xbox 360 players online and suddenly the game has taken a new life and a new level of entertainment.

One such game that capitalizes on this aspect of the Xbox 360 is Rainbow six. While there is a single player mode that you can really enjoy if you are into that kind of a game, once you have completed it the game has just begun. Now you can play with all of your friends online.

Mod Xbox 360 HD Players to Play Blu Ray Shows a Changing With the Times {0}

Mod Xbox 360 HD players to play Blu Ray shows that Xbox 360 is able and capable of changing with the times. After that major clash between which would reign in HD superiority between HD players and the Blu Ray players, it ended up that the Blu Ray came out on top.

That being said, a lot of other gaming systems (besides the PS3) were forced to scramble to make up for this in some way. The fact that the Xbox 360 is capable of doing precisely that and now can use Blu Ray with certain modifications as well says a lot about the fluidity of the company.

Players Suggested Best Xbox 360 Gaming Headsets is From Triton Technologies {0}

One of the things that any true gamer knows is that the best kinds of hardware and software that you can buy are the ones that other players suggest and not the ones that manufacturers suggest. The fact of the matter is that manufacturers want you to buy their product while players have no such vested interest.

Players suggested best Xbox 360 gaming headsets, thus, mean they really are good. One of the best out there is from Triton Technologies. It thrusts you firmly into the game and cuts out the noise from the outside world that may distract you.

How Many Players Can Play On Xbox Live From the Same Console is a Great Question {0}

There are oftentimes so many terrible questions that pepper us on a daily basis. These questions really do not matter whatsoever and have no significant effect upon our lives. How many players can play on xbox live from the same console, however, is an example of a great question.

The fact is that it is practical and makes perfect use of public knowledge to find an answer. Generally, a maximum of four players can utilize xbox live from the same console. However, with a few link ups, it has been said that up to 32 have been able to gain this access.

Remote Control NBOX HDTV Multimedia Player with SD/MMC/USB {0}

SD Media player Pros:

  • Compact size,nice look
  • Can play various media types -Quite good sound quality when playing MP3 files. -Plays video files in surprisingly good quality even on composite video.

SD Media player Cons:

  • As someone already mentioned, supplies power to USB even when switched off from remote, so it’s a good idea to use an USB HDD with power switch.
  • Subtitles are bit hard to read if subtitiling is needed, thin font. No support for european country-specific characters either.

Other Thoughts:

  • The remote controller is very small, this can be either a good or bad thing.

SD Media player Bottomline:

Nice little box, especially for MP3 but can also play movie files pretty well, displays pictures too

SD Media player Pros:

  1. For the price, you won’t find better value for money.
  2. Boot up time is nearly instantanious. 3. UI is simple, but works very well. 4. Build quality and look&feel is very good.

SD Media player Cons:

HDD stays on, even when device is in standby, so either remove HDD or power supply.

SD Media player Other Thoughts:

Make sure that you do not have any special characters in directory names, as this can cause it to get stuck.
Also, recommend creating a “VIDEO” and “MUSIC” folder in root to make it easier to navigate.

SD Media player Bottomline:

Small compact, easy to use, would definitely recommend it !

How to Unmute All Players on Xbox Live Makes Things Interactive {0}

One of the first things that you need to learn as an Xbox 360 user is how to unmute all players on xbox live. From time to time we always want to mute the other players on xbox live simply because of the fact that they are loud and irritating.

However, if you engage in such an action and then later find out that you are incapable of reversing the action, you have killed a major part of what makes Xbox live so entertaining. To be able to unmute all players will restore a lot of the interactive aspects of the Xbox.

Tips about Choosing Program to Create Web FLV Player {0}

Web videos have become the most popular way to advertise products and service and there is no other method than web video that can demonstrate your products or services in a three dimensional way. But, how to present the video in an appealing way counts most of the thing. In other words, the web player you are using to play and present the FLV videos on your website matters. Here I would like all website owners to read through the tips about how to create web player onto the website and how to embed it into your web page, and how to interact with your visitors with the web player.

First, you need to find an application that allows you to create fully customized web player. For average website designers, an application demanding no ActionScript knowledge is a plus. With this kind of web player creator, you can select a component from a large collection and you can also customize a component through defining its skins. You are free to add or delete any component according to your need or preference. Moyea PlayerBox is my recommendation.

Second, you need to know how to embed the SWF web player into the web page. What if you don’t know HTML coding? There are some web player creators that can not only generate web player but also help you insert player together with videos to web page with a few clicks. All you need to do is to post the SWF, FLV videos and web page respectively if you choose.

Third, you’d better choose an application that allows you play two or more FLV videos with one web player. In other words, you need a web player creator program that is capable of generating a playlist file, which allows you to organize the FLV videos with ease.

Fourth, choose a program that is capable of generating skins for any web player. I am still not sure whether this is possible now, but I am expecting so.

Use Playlist to Present Long Video Tutorial Online {0}

What will you do if you have a long video to show on your site? Use a web player. Yes, it works. But what kind of player would you choose, a normal player to play video from the beginning to the end, or a player with playlist option to control video playback? It depends on how you would design your site. I prefer displaying several videos on a single player with playlist.

Why use playlist? Playlist works as recommendation when related video is displayed. It makes the separate videos as a unity. When playing multiple videos on a single player, it reduces the loading time of the page and prevents visitors going through pages. However, in the meantime, it may make it uneasy to check how many times the video is played. Playlist is especially good for video tutorials, as different parts could be displayed in clear sections.

There are many kinds of playlist. Some will offer thumbnail for different episodes. This kind of playlist could be vertical or horizontal. Moyea PlayerBox, as a desktop creator for web player, offers the later with text caption for each item. Some playlist could display after the video finishes playing. If you look at the videos at YouTube.com, you may notice the playlist when video plays to the end. Some playlist could show up throughout the entire playing, so that visitors can choose from playlist. Some may offer text with drop-down box on control bar without image. CNET uses this kind of player at cnet.com. If chosen, the drop-down box text playlist would display on player all the time. For image playlist, Moyea PlayerBox offers the option to automatically hide image when the mouse moves away from the playlist area. If you move the mouse to playlist area, the image will show up for selection.

Let’s see how playlist is applied. If you get a long video tutorial and want to show thumbnail of particular time point of the video as playlist, so that the player plays the video at the exact time point when visitors click on the thumbnail, you may create your own player with Adobe Flash and modify the ActionScript to seek video according to your settings. However, it you are not familiar with actionscript or Flash, or even javascript, I recommend you to cut the video into clips and use Moyea PlayerBox to connect clips and player. You may refer to the guide for the steps to split video clips and create player with ease. More tips here.

Change Skin for your Web Player, Moyea PlayerBox or JW Player? {0}

How to change a player skin? This is no newbie question. There is large number of web players on the website and you can locate one with Google easily. Most web players available on the website allow changing player skin but don’t tell you how. I would like to take the renowned JW Player and brand new Moyea PlayerBox for example to tell you how to change skins for web player.

Let’s start with Moyea PlayerBox. With Moyea PlayerBox, changing skins for the player are much more intuitive and no coding work at all. And you are free to customize skins for your web player according to your web player.

All you need to do is to launch Moyea PlayerBox and select each component of the web player and change skin for all status of an individual component.

You can create a player and then apply it by click “Publish” button on the main interface. Before you apply it to different web page for different FLV videos, you need to export the player skin as SWF file first. And then use Moyea Publishing Wizard to connect videos and player.

Implementing a skin on your site involves a simple addition to your existing JW Player HTML code. The JW Player now includes skinning through a separate SWF file that contains the player’s graphical elements and layout. Custom skins are easy to publish: by adding a single variable in the embed code, you can assign a new skin to the player.

var so = new SWFObject(‘http://www.yoursite.com/player.swf’,’mpl’,’470′,’320′,’9′);
so.addVariable(‘file’, ‘/upload/flash.flv’);
so.addVariable(‘skin’, ‘/path/to/skinfile/skin.swf’);

SWFObject (alternate form)
var so = new SWFObject(‘http://www.yoursite.com/player.swf’,’mpl’,’470′,’320′,’9′);
so.addVariable(‘file’, ‘/upload/flash.flv’);
so.addParam(‘flashvars’, ‘skin=/path/to/skinfile/skin.swf’);

According to the comparison above, we can tell the JW Player focuses on changing skins with html coding while Moyea PlayerBox is devoted to customizing skins in a WYSIWYG way. If you are quite familiar with HTML coding and flashvar, you can choose JW player, but remember you have to pay for the template by JW, meaning that you don’t have much choices. If you prefer to design or create skin all by yourself to match the theme and style of your website, Moyea PlayerBox is absolutely the best solution.

Moyea Player is a newly developed web FLV player creator program by a rising flash applications developer – Moyea Software. It realizes creating custom web FLV player with drag and drop edit box and no ActionScript coding is required. It can handle FLV of almost all kinds. It also supports RTMP, HTTP, live streaming and various playlist formats, With Sample XML playlist file, you can easily organize the playlist. Its skinning functionality is much more powerful than JW Player. It provides much more skin templates and it allows you create and change play skin all by yourself.

The JW FLV Player is the Internet’s most popular and flexible media player. It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle (FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG and GIF). It also supports RTMP, HTTP, live streaming, various playlists formats, a wide range of settings and an extensive javascript API. Its skinning functionality allows you to completely customize the JW Player’s look & feel to match your site.

More tutorial here – http://www.player-box.com/player-box/use-playlist-present-long-video-tutorial-online/